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From a humble budget furniture manufacturer, One that is recognized for not only ourselves as a quality products but more so, our commitment towards our customers.
Our flexibility, fast response time and efficient delivery are what defined us as who we are today in the industry. Our attentive and comprehensive online support is what sets us apart from others as hassle-free online ordering, feedback and after-sale servicing are all part and parcel of FIDDLEWOOD’s nature of business.

We view quality as a means of commitment. Every process is run under the strictest supervision with every product in accordance to the most stringent international standards.
We strive to not make our furniture speak solely in terms of value and marketability but also appeal to our consumers in design and functionality.

And as we strive to continue bring you beautiful quality designs complemented with competitive pricing, efficient services and timely delivery, we look forward to make all that’s good even better!

We Do


First stages in a project are very important to understand your client´s needs. With many different tools we approach to our customers the best solutions to know their targets, their

Interior Design

Once in the design process, we must go deeper in your project´s foundation, we need to arrive to the essence, the roots in order to understand the future


Our professional and creative crew combines experts who finished hundreds of amazing and modern engineering projects for a wide range of clients. These clients are fully satisfied .

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